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Império do Divino Espírito Santo

The impérios [Small Temples] are buildings aimed for the exhibition of elements of the Holy Spirit’s cult, namely the crown, the banner and the staffs.

The Império (small temple) of Santo Antão dates from 1897 and was rebuilt in 1934. In this parish the great highlight goes beyond the coronation and soups with all its peculiarities to the Bodo de Leite that takes place on Monday of the Holy Spirit. On Monday, the cattle of the parish parades through the main street, passing in front of the Church of Santo Antão. There is also the parade of floats, always allusive to a theme. These cars are, for the most part, pulled by joints of oxen of the Ramo Grande breed. There are cars carrying the sweet bread, the bolos de véspera, the cheese and the wine, and at the end, during the procession, they are blessed by the parish priest. The Patron Saint Santo Antão, the insignia of the Holy Spirit  participate in the procession, in which still several philharmonic groups attend. On this day, also bread, cheese and wine are distributed, to all the attendees, in a festivity where thousands of people gather. The traditional soups are also served to the guests.


Santo Antão Topo
São Jorge