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Accessible Tourism

The development of the São Miguel island´s infrastructure, as well as the diversity of services available means that this gateway to the Azores islands is also the most accessible. From Sete Cidades to Nordeste, you can find many accessible routes and activities, as well as adapted transport and accommodation.

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Azores for All, CRESAÇOR´s brand, aims to promote social, inclusive and cultural tourism in the Azores, offering touristic services and products, responding adequately to their specific needs.

At Access Azores, we specialize in accessible travel experiences. Discover Faial, Pico, and São Jorge with ease, enjoying breathtaking scenery and rich culture. We believe travel should be enriching for everyone. Our tours minimize environmental impact while maximizing accessibility, promoting a more sustainable future for the Azores. Go beyond the tourist hotspots with our expert guides! We offer unique tours designed for all abilities, allowing you to discover the Azores' authentic charm.