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Church of St. Amaro

The church was recovered at the end of the 90’s, but its construction dates back to the 18th century. Its implementation was carried out on the location of the old temple of the 16th century, mentioned by Diogo das Chagas. After surviving the volcano eruption of 1590, it earns a miraculous status and, later, it is constituted as a parish; therefore the local burials start being carried out on the church itself.

It is an average-sized religious building with a bell tower. Inside, the artistic religious images are various, together with the gilded wood altarpiece with turquoise columns.

This church has St. Amaro as the patron saint, which commemorative mass is always celebrated in the month of January. However, even though the patron saint is St. Amaro, St. John is more effusively celebrated by the parish as he is the patron saint of the parish’s philharmonic band and this festivity is celebrated on the date closer to 24 June.


Santo Amaro Velas
São Jorge