The Azores are located in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The region is composed of nine volcanic islands, three of which provide excellent canyoning conditions.

São Miguel, São Jorge and Flores offer a vast supply of beautiful canyoning options and itineraries, alll of which are unique to each island.

The Island of Flores provides the most diversified itineraries, from large vertical descendents to simple tracks. 

The Island of São Jorge mainly features large vertical descendents. There are also interesting spots on the islands of Santa Maria and Faial.

Useful Information

This outside activity requires a certain level of technical expertise, since it includes handling ropes, hiking, climbing and progressing in bodies of water. Canyoning routes are classified by order of difficulty and require different levels of preparation. Just as in diving, there is a baptism in canyoning for novices. There are upper level courses that enable one to have access to the most demanding routes. In normal conditions, the many operators that offer this activity provide the necessary equipment, which includes a helmet and neoprene suits, among other items. For safety reasons, it is advisable to engage in this activity in the presence of guides and monitors with credentials, due to the diversity and level of demand of the existing routes in the archipelago.

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