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Season Challenge

The Azores’ islands, owing to their geographic position, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a mild climate and natural beauty of the bottom of its sea are undoubtedly one of the best paces for diving in Europe, allowing in its crystal clear waters the observation of an amazing diversity of underwater fauna and flora.

One of the experiences most sought out by the divers that visit us is diving with manta rays who very often swim gracefully around the divers, the island of S. Miguel is the preferred spot for their observation, spots like Sabrina, Lourenços, Formigas Islets, the Dollabarat coral reefs or the baixa do Ambrósio constitute an exceptional group for observing this species.

Other diving spots near S. Miguel are also magnificent for observing curious Atlantic goliath grouper and various pelagic fish like blue whiting, barracudas and tuna, often in huge shoals, colourful species like moray eel, Sparisoma cretenses, odontesthes regia, anthias and damselfish complete the majestic colour of the immense blue of the sea in the Azores.

The Season Challenge is a PADI Dive Resort and the BAUER  PureAir filling station certified according to standard DIN EN 21 120, thereby enabling diving experiences for all those who wish to know the amazing underwater world.

Dive with us and remember some unforgettable feelings! 


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Marina Pêro de Teive Quiosque C e D 9502 Ponta Delgada
São Miguel