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Ruínas do Convento da Senhora do Rosário

The Ruins of the Convent of N. Ara do Rosário still remain only as a succession of arches from the old cloister; however, its history is quite rich. This convent was built in 1678, reign of King Peter II of Portugal, and it was a convent aimed for the education of the daughters of the main families of the island. This convent of the order of Clara de Assis offered literary, culinary, confectionery and embroidery teachings. The founder and patron of this convent was the Father Amaro Teixeira Fagundes. Nowadays, only the ruins remain.

The Order of Santa Clara(or Order of the Clarisses) is a female monastic closure catholic order. Founded in 1212 by Santa Clara de Assis upon request of São Francisco de Assis, who prepared the Rule, it was approved by Pope Gregory IX.


Rua Guilherme da Silveira Velas
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