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Recreational Forest Reserve of Silveira

The area where the reserve is implemented is irrigated by several waterlines which used to feed old mills, integrated within the reserve. Among these lines, are distributed the paths, picnic sites, barbecue sites, playground areas, walking areas, maintenance circuit, Casa do Formo and animal enclosures.

The Reserve also includes the Relheiras Viewpoint, which allows a panoramic view over the West area of the Reserve, where you may walk through a secular path for ox carts, allowing a sneak-peak at the past life of the island’s population.

The reserve assembles a rich exotic vegetation of tree ferns, pine trees, incense, eucalyptus, platanus, oaks and other leafy vegetation, besides several ornamental bushes. It also includes an area of Azorean endemic species in the Northern slope, throughout one of the paths.


Ribeira Seca Calheta
São Jorge