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Recreational Forest Reserve of 7 Fontes

Important hydric reserve which comprises several springs and creeks, with an interesting layout consisting of roads and various paths which open to lakes or ponds.

It is an extensive forest reserve, where the atmosphere is fresh and pure, the vegetation thriving and diverse, densely wooded in certain areas, with geometrical nurseries, a playground area, picnic and barbecue sites, walking areas, rustic playing field, small houses, replica of a typical rural kitchen of São Jorge and animal enclosures.

The great lake at the Northern entrance, where the Ermida de São João [Chapel of St. John], the Monument to the Emigrant and the alcove in honor of St. Isidore (an initiative of Portuguese-American emigrants at the end of the 70’s) are built, turns into a stage during the festivities of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Emigrant festivity.

From the Pico da Velha Viewpoints, you get a wonderful panoramic view over Rosais and the Pico and Faial islands and, from the Ferrã de Afonso Viewpoint, you may observe a large extent of the island’s northern coast and the Graciosa and Terceira islands.


Rosais Velas
São Jorge