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Império do Divino Espírito Santo

The impérios [Small Temples] are buildings aimed for the exhibition of elements of the Holy Spirit’s cult, namely the crown, the banner and the staffs.

This Império (small temple) dates back to 1915 and was rebuilt in 1947. The Feast of the Holy Spirit, also known as the Festa Velha, and the feast of the Holy Trinity, is also celebrated with great fervour. In Topo, dinners in both Espírito Santo and Trindade are the responsibility of a single person or couple responsible for the entire organisation and its expense, designated by mordomos. Also in Topo, the feast of the Holy Spirit has a profane side, which takes its high point on Tuesday of the Holy Spirit, with the accomplishment of milk bodo. This milk bodo is made up of floats, which depict uses and customs of other times or illustrate, on other occasions, customs of modern times. At the end of the court there is the cattle parade.


Rua Joaquim Homem da Silveira Noronha Topo
São Jorge