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Império do Divino Espirito Santo

The impérios [Small Temples] are buildings aimed for the exhibition of elements of the Holy Spirit’s cult, namely the crown, the banner and the staffs.

The temple of Calheta was built in 1923 and was rebuilt in 1993. It is an unusual architectural Império(small temple), the only one in São Jorge lined with tiles. In 1993 it underwent works with new tiles in the exterior and placement, again, of tiles inside that did not exist before. In this temple there are so-called "gastos". "Gastos" is provided by 10 mordomos brothers  each year, which is called the "society of ten”. It is the responsibility of these brethren to manage and perform the feasts of the Espirito Santo and Trinidade, singing the rosary at night in the temple in the two weeks before the feasts; to decorate and set up the "palanque" (podium) for the philharmonic to play with music stand;  to invite the philharmonic to play at the procession and  at night, and on the fair; to invite the "cavaleiros" and "passeadores" to distribute the sweets at the festivities, as well as to invite  the ladies to the bazaar service.


Rua José Azevedo da Cunha Calheta
São Jorge