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Império do Divino Espírito Santo

The impérios [Small Temples] are buildings aimed for the exhibition of elements of the Holy Spirit’s cult, namely the crown, the banner and the staffs.

The Mordomias () in this parish always take place on Wednesdays, with distribution of bread, cheese, wine and wine for everyone. On Saturdays in Espírito Santo and Trindade, the procession leaves the mordomo's house with the flag in front at 7 pm. Behind the procession follow the people carrying the bread, cheese, wine and lupines. The procession proceeds in the direction of Copeira, where the bread, cheese, wine and lupines, which were carried throughout the procession are then distributed to the whole population. On Sunday there is a mass and the coronation. After the Mass, the crown goes with a procession to the former cooperative where lunch is offered with soups of the Holy Ghost for invited guests. After lunch, the crown is carried in the procession to the temple where sweets, sweet bread, wine and juices are offered. On Sunday afternoon the Copeira also opens, serving evening bread, cheese and cakes that are delivered by the brothers of the  Banda velha "old band" at the Holy Spirit, and by the brothers of the Banda nova "new band" at the Trinity.


Caminho de Baixo Santo Amaro
São Jorge