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Museum Francisco Lacerda

Built on the ruins of the former “Marie d'Anjou Tuna Canning Factory” on the steep slope, overlooking the Vila da Calheta harbor, the Francisco de Lacerda Museum has the mission of studying, preserving, enhancing and publicizing the heritage of São Jorge Island and its community.

The Francisco de Lacerda Museum assimilates its origins - the Ethnographic House and the São Jorge Museum, which precedes it - and the local culture throughout collections based on the themes of São Jorge Island, Music (classical, folk from Francisco Lacerda and its philharmonics) and the Tuna Canning Industry, among others.

You will be able to enjoy other spaces, such as the documentation centre, the auditorium reserved for events, the temporary exhibition room and leisure areas inside and outside. The visits to the museum’s reserves (collections) will also be available at specified periods.

Assuming the motto “The Museum of  All” and aware of the mission to promote the São Jorge's Island tangible and intangible heritage, we will work among the community with the responsibility to do more and better.


Rua das Alcaçarias. 9850-011 – Calheta (São Jorge)
São Jorge