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Fajã de Vimes Viewpoint

This viewpoint offers a magnificent view over the Fajã de Vimes, as well as over the channel and the neighboring islands of Pico and Faial. Fajã de Vimes is one of the most emblematic fajãs of São Jorge, highlighting the coffee plantation and the famous quilts of Ponto Alto. In this fajã, we shall find the Casa de Artesanato Nunes [Nunes’ Handicraft House], where besides the Ponto Alto’s quilts, we may also find other articles made in the weaving looms therein. There are also several coffee plantations that may be visited and where you may also taste the famous coffee of Fajã de Vimes. It is through this fajã that we may reach the Fajã de Bodes by car or even the Fajã de Cavalete and Fajã de Fragueira, the place where the famous compositor of São Jorge, Francisco de Lacerda, was born.


Acesso à fajã dos Vimes Ribeira Seca Calheta
São Jorge