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Church of St. Barbara

The construction of the Church of Santa Bárbara dates back to the beginnings of the settlement of the island of São Jorge. Due to the richness of the land, for wine or cattle activities, the parish of Manadas was, at an early time already, a place of election to become a parish in second half of the 16th century. The current rocks of the stonework in the church date back to the original building on site, since then there have been several reconstructions and renovations of the building: the bell tower in 1736 and the construction of the church body in 1770.

Inside, we find a vast Baroque decorative richness, through its pilasters, entablatures and connections between portal-window-niche, interconnecting with tile panels and several examples of gilded carving and religious statuary. We also highlight several pieces of furniture worked by local craftsmen, namely the great bank in the sacristy.

The Church of Santa Bárbara has been the subject of recent restorations, so it is currently open to the public, with the possibility of guided tours.

The festivity in honour of the patron saint is carried out on the first weekend of December and is a religious festivity.


Manadas Velas
São Jorge