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Chapel of Sr. Santo Cristo

The hermitage was built in the years 1832/1835 and presents a religious cultural importance for the population that live and enjoy the Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo.

It is in this hermitage that the feast is celebrated in honour of the Sr. Santo Cristo da Caldeira. The feast is always celebrated on the first weekend of September with its high point on Sunday with the procession in honour of Sr. Santo Cristo, followed by the Holy Spirit soup served to the entire population. It should be noted that formerly there were pilgrimages to the Fajã de Santo Cristo, with people leaving at their homes, regardless of where they lived on the island, walking to the Fajã. These pilgrimages were generally based on promises made by the devotees of Senhor Santo Cristo da Caldeira. Even today, there are those who perform these Pilgrimages, although they do not have as much expression as they used to. In nowadays, it should be noted also a mundane part of the party, with live music for example.


Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo Ribeira Seca Calheta
São Jorge