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Casa Do Quinteiro (CC)

Originally, this was the first house belonging to the farmer of the property.In fact, during the Orange Cycle in the Azores, this house started as a storage room for citrines, and was later adapted as the house of the farmer. In order for this house to accommodate workers during the night, orange boxes were used as improvise sleeping beds. This is why the first room had a window. Due to its materials and surrounding construction, this window was in fact a door that had direct access to the street and allowed for the unloading of fruit. A retractable balcony was also installed for safety purposes. In this area one can observe simplistic characteristics such as handmade shapes of partition walls and lining (workhouse) and the tools that existed at the time and still remain there. Throughout the history of this farm, the farmer’s house underwent several changes, specifically the ones that allowed for better living conditions and the landlord to come here and spend some days as a countryside refuge.