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Casa da Viscondessa de São Mateus

Isabel Beatriz de Azevedo Pereira de Sousa (1837-1921) was the daughter of the Lieutenant and owner João Matos de Azevedo and Isabel Maria da Silveira. Sister of Maria Doroteia da Silveira Noronha married to José Acácio da Silveira Moniz do Canto and Noronha Ponce de Leon of a noble family of the Royal House and knight of the Order of Christ. It was the first and last Viscountess of S. Mateus, a title conferred to her by King D. Carlos. She was married to José Soares Teixeira de Sousa (1826-1885), son of Lieutenant-Colonel Miguel Teixeira Soares de Sousa Pereira and of D. Maria Angélica Soares de Albergaria e Sousa, who managed in an exemplar way the municipality of Velas for 28 years. He was the nephew of João Soares de Albergaria e Sousa (1796-1875), liberal, deputy, Santa Casa and President of the House of Velas, author of the Coreografia Açórica, founding document of the Azorean autonomy. The viscountess of S. Mateus was the mother of Miguel Teixeira Soares de Sousa and Maria Isabel Soares Teixeira. The Viscountess of São Mateus offered to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Velas, "the jars and utensils necessary for the installation" for the opening of the pharmacy opened to the public in 1919.


Rua dr. João Teixeira Velas
São Jorge