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Casa da Lomba - Horse Adventures

Connected to a close, homy esquestrain tradition, this company has to offer various activities along the horses. Offering trail rides, classes inside the arena , carriage tours and equestrian shows. Emphasizing Portuguese Breeds, in particular Lusitano Horses and Póneis da Terceira, Azores autochthonous breed, we aim for the enjoyment, fun and welfare of our clients.


The trails might be enjoyed on a Regional’s’ Horses’ back, or in a carriage pulled by two-horses. Focusing on the West end of the island, more particularly in Mosteiros and Sete Cidades (one of the Natural Wonder of Portugal), you’ll be able to be at a close proximity in the Lagoons, as well as the center of this amazing Parish.

The lessons might be taught to beginners, focusing on the relaxation and comfort of the rider, or, taught to experienced riders as well, but focusing on more complex exercises with schooled horses.

The equestrian shows, direct to groups, will be presented in an indoor arena, and accompanied by regional appetizers. The demonstration will have has it’s core the demonstration of equestration tact, with Pure Breed Lusitanos and Póneis da Terceira featured in an array of different display of Equestrian Art.