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Casa da família Teixeira Soares de Sousa – casa do Corpo Santo

This building was constructed presumably before the 18th century and it was subject to several alterations until the 19th century. Denominated, in the historical documents, as “Corpo Santo’s Manor”, this house included a storage house which occupied a large part of Largo da Matriz and was built next to the Chapel of Corpo Santo, with a sacristy and churchyard. It belonged to the Teixeira Soares de Sousa family, descendent of Bartolomeu Nunes Pereira (1608-1692), the 5th Major Captain of Calheta.

The owners achieved a significant influence in the decision making of the island, occupying multiple and several positions in Public Administration. We specially highlight Miguel Teixeira Soares de Sousa (1824-1894), president of the City Council of Velas and deputy law judge, indelibly bound to the local history by civility acts. His brother, João Teixeira Soares de Sousa (1827-1875) was a judge and founder of the first newspaper of the island of São Jorge, “O Jorgense”.

This building was sold to Santa Casa da Misericórdia in 1982, which settled there and still carries out its activity in this location.


Rua Dr. Miguel Teixeira Velas
São Jorge