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Casa da Família Forjaz Lacerda de Carvalho

From the end of the 18th century, it belonged to the family of the last Major Sergeant of Velas (1830), João Silveira de Carvalho, married with Ana Brum da Terra e Silveira, descendent from the Calheta’s populator, Vicente Dias, who occupied the position of Ombudsman and Waste clerk in 1562-3. In 1957, it was acquired by the Yatch club Lusitânia, to heirs of João Silveira Forjaz de Lacerda e Carvalho, director, owner and writer of the journal printed in the Fajã de Santo Amaro, the “Respigador”, also a Portuguese professor in the Primary School of Santo Amaro.

This association also accommodated the Liberdade philharmonic band, from 1926 to 1978, which instruments belonged to the Teixeira Soares family. It returned to its performances from 1985. On the first 25 years, it also accommodated a drama company.


Rua dr. João Teixeira
São Jorge