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Finisterra - Cooperativa de Lacticínios do Topo, CRL

The Topo Cooperativa Agrícola, today known as Finisterra - Cooperativa de Lacticínios do Topo, was founded on 22 May 1944. The cooperative has nowadays a great importance not only economic, but also cultural and social. Finisterra is the heir of a tradition of associativism in which stands out a small private factory existing in the place of the Lameiro, that worked in times without being legalised and even without statutes. In 1944, a group of farmers rushed to draft and approve statutes, thus legalising the cooperative. In 1984, there was a significant moment in the life of Finisterra, the decision, in a general assembly, to build a new factory in Ribeira das Lixívias, inaugurated on August 15, 1986. However, given the dynamics of milk production of members and constant evolution of the sector and its technologies and market requirements, the plant had to be replaced, and the new plant was inaugurated on 5 August 2009.


Santo Antão Topo
São Jorge