Terralta Nature Tours

Terralta Nature Tours promotes Jeep tours (9 pax) on Pico Island Pico;

In our tours, lasting one day, you can see the magnificent landscapes of Pico Island, such as the mountain (highest of Portugal) as well as the Protected Landscape of the Vineyard, classified as a Unesco World Heritage site.

Our guides are experienced and speak several languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

We have daily tours for each thematic area of Pico Island-Mountain, Vineyards and Coast and other of shorter duration-Sunrise, Sunset and Night tours.

Private tours also available;

We have special prices for groups and children.


One day Jeep Tours across the Pico Island (Vineyward Tour, Mountain Tour, Coast Tour) or part of the day (Sunrise Tour, Sunset Tour or Night Tour).


Solar os Salgueiros, Rua do Lajido Santa Luzia,
9940-108 São Roque do Pico