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Museum Centre – “A Queijaria” (Cheese Factory)

The production of dairy products dates back to the settlement of the island and its quality and expression in the local economy is highlighted by historical facts over the centuries, which is why the island of São Jorge is still known as the land of cheese. This Museum Centre is a testimony of this important activity in the Parish of Norte Grande and in particular in the place of Ribeira da Areia and in generally all over the island of São Jorge. The factory equipment on display emphasizes a period of transition and modernization in the production of cheese and butter that took place from the end of the XIXth century until the XXth century.

The building, now called “A Queijaria” museum centre, was once built by the Centenary Plans as a school for primary education and was adapted by the Municipality of Velas for the current purpose, being directly managed by the Cunha da Silveira Museum, located in Velas, a place to visit and where you can appreciate more than 674 pieces of the collection "The Sea and the Land: the Sustainability of a People" and witness the culture of a People with more than 500 years of history.


Ribeira da Areia, freguesia do Norte Grande
São Jorge