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Museum Centre - Rosais, “Barns of the Island”.

Officially designated as a Parish since 1568, Rosais was considered the Celeiro da Ilha (barn of the island), due to the great fertility and extension of the land that was suitable for the cultivation of cereals.

This museological centre emphasizes, therefore, the importance that the cereal culture had in the parish of Rosais. The machines on display, introduced on the island of São Jorge in the early 60s of the 20th century, represent an innovation and modernization in the cereal threshing process. After the 1964 seismic crisis, the land destined for the cultivation of cereals was gradually transformed into pasture for the raising of cattle.

 The building, now the “Celeiro da Ilha” museum, was once built under the Centenary Plans as a teaching school for primary education and was adapted by the Municipality of Velas for the current purpose, being directly managed by the Cunha da Silveira Museum, located in Velas, a place to visit and where you can appreciate a collection of more than 674 pieces under the theme "The Sea and the Land: the Sustainability of a People" where you can see the living conditions of a People with more than 500 years of history.


Relvas, Freguesia dos Rosais.
São Jorge