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Church of Santa Catarina de Alexandria Igreja Matriz (Main church of Calheta)

The Igreja Matriz da Calheta was built at a new place in the last quarter of the 16th century due to the destruction and incapacity of the ancient temple to receive the great influx of people. In the following century a great fire destroyed the tabernacle, which was rebuilt in 1664.

In the eighteenth century with a need for expansion the main chapel was finished in 1763, based on an inscription on the site, presenting Baroque influences, with the main altar in painted blue and gold carving.

The floor plan of the building has remained to this day, in a Latin cross, the church develops in three vaulted naves and has a bell tower attached to its façade, with a frontispiece that ends in a triangular pediment.

In its interior are several religious pieces and statuary reassembly to the previous buildings.

The celebration is in honour of the patroness on 25 November, a municipal holiday. It is a religious festivity


Rua Dr. António Martins Ferreira Calheta
São Jorge