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Church of N.Sra. das Neves

The Church of N. Sra das Neves was built under the order of José D'Avellar Melo, in 1762, on the ruins of the previous temple from the sixteenth century. The historical importance of this religious edifice stands out because it served as a shelter to the tithing collectors of the yams during the well-known revolt: "yams Mutiny”.

The church is made up of a single nave and a bell tower, built of masonry of whitewashed and plastered stone, while its reliefs such as frames, cornices and others are made of stonework. In its interior we can observe elements of relief such as the baptistery, the pulpit and the baroque revivalist altarpiece, in gilded and polychrome wood.

In the 70's, the church underwent deep restorations, to which was added the mantel of the chancel with blue and white tiles, made under João Barata.

The feast of the patron saint takes place on the first weekend of August, associating the religious program with the profane, with the realisation of Tourada à corda (Bullfight by rope), bazaar and other traditional activities like traditional dance and local philharmonic performance.

The feast in honour of the patroness N. Sra. Das Neves (Our Lady of the Snow) takes place on the first weekend of August, with a religious and profane program.


Norte Grande Velas
São Jorge