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Casa da Família Cunha da Silveira

Probably built in the 18th century, it is an important example of erudite architecture. The continuous balcony comprises 13 windows and vertical stone strips grant a curvy aspect to the house. On 11 April 1832, the emperor of Brazil, D. Pedro, rested there during a visit to the village of Velas, before the disembark of the liberals in the beaches of Mindelo (8 July 1832).

It was owned by the illustrious and opulent Cunha da Silveira family, which dominated the political and social life of the São Jorge island for centuries.

Currently, it belongs to the City Council of Velas, accommodating the Cunha da Silveira House Museum.

The House Museum is aimed for the conservation and promotion of the São Jorge’s heritage, namely ethnographic. Installed in the Cunha da Silveira Manor, it comprises several thematic rooms: agriculture, sea, carpentry, weaving, weights and measures.  One of the rooms was also dedicated to the history of the Cunha da Silveira family and their contribute to the São Jorge island.


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