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Brizaçores Dive Center

Dive and Sailing Center

The BrizAçores diving center is located in the heart of vila das Lajes do Pico, at less than 100 m from the Harbour and provides a support base at 20 feet from the water.
The Center is equipped with two coltri mch16 and mch32 compressors, 2 boats, a marlin 22 and a Bavaria 46, which provide unforgettable dives for 20 divers simultaneously. At BrizAçores you will find local guides, who privilege/focus on a familiar, relaxed, cozy atmosphere and customer tailored experiences.
The Liveaboard is the best and fairest way to visit the Azores archipelago, combining the sailing to diving. It takes place on a Bavaria 46, a 14.27m sailboat, with 4 bedrooms, 3 wcs, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen. It has a load capacity of of 12 people, of whom 2 make up the crew. There are several programs at the client’s disposal, which can be pre-established or customer tailored, all are subject to minor changes depending on the weather conditions.


Rua D. João Paulino de Azevedo e Castro, nº 5 9960-121 Lajes do Pico