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Seismic-volcanic crisis on São Jorge Island

The present situation on São Jorge Island is, according to the Azorean Seismic-volcanic Surveillance and Information Centre (CIVISA), of volcanic alert (Level V4) and the Regional Emergency Plan Civil Protection has been activated in order to give response, in case of need, to eventual occurrences that might result from this phenomenon on São Jorge Island.

Therefore, at the moment, non-essential visits to São Jorge island are not advisable, according to the Informative Note no. 6/2022, of 22nd March, issued by the Regional Service of Civil Protection.

Please note that visits to other islands of the Azores Archipelago are not subject to any restrictions.

In order to maintain tranquillity among all of those, who wish to visit São Jorge Island, we would like to recommend them to keep well informed and updated through the communications issued by the Regional Service of Civil Protection, which can be accessed online through the link Informação à População (azores.gov.pt).