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Volcanoes’ House

Volcanoes’ House is located at the heart of the Protected Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture and it belongs to the built heritage of Lajido de Santa Luzia. It is the starting point to discover the volcanoes of the Azores and an important tool to spread the Azorean natural heritage, with emphasis on the geodiversity.

Through avant-garde tools, in this space, the visitors can experience the sensation of an earthquake and travel to the center of the Earth.

Framed by Pico Mountain, simultaneously the youngest and largest polygenetic volcano in the Azores, Volcanoes’ House provides an authentic journey to the center of the Earth where the visitor discovers the internal energy of the planet through unique sensations, using a seismic simulator and an interactive dome. The knowledge is presented in distinct modules that allow exploring themes ranging from the formation of the Universe to the micro-reliefs present in the Azorean landscapes.


Rua do Lajido, Santa Luzia, 9940 -108 São Roque do Pico