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Pico do Refúgio - Casa de Campo


Located in the Azores, on the north coast of the island of São Miguel, Pico do Refúgio is a mansion that dates the beginning of the XVII century. During the past three hundred years served it many different purposes, among these, fortress for militias, artist residence, orange tree plantations and tea factory.
Now the doors open to Pico do Refúgio – Country Houses a place where the harmony between Nature, Art, History and the Ocean can be enjoyed.


Pico do Refugio's lodgings are eight T1 houses (1 double bedroom), spread around two diferent areas of the farm.
These are either "Lofts" or “Apartments".
All our houses have bathroom, kitchen and cable TV.
The guests can enjoy the swimming pool and  50 acres of farm land, part of which are classified as ecological reserve.
Learn how to dive without leaving the site. Our school and dive center offers a service integrating lodging and underwater activities, which includes programs and instructors from P.A.D.I.