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North Shore Sea Tours

Join us in the idyllic harbor of Maia. Come fishing with us and at the end, savor your catch prepared with passion by a local restaurant. Discover breathtaking landscapes. Sail past deserted beaches. Enjoy caves and cliffs sculpted by volcanic lava and small serene bays where you can experience snorkeling and watch seabeds full of marine life. 


Coastal fishing (jigging, trolling, bottom and other techniques). Boat trips from Maia to the Ponta do Cintrão or to Nordeste with a stop for snorkeling. Packages including different activities. Boat rental with skipper and equipment. At the end of the tour you can choice to eat at a local restaurant or take away the fish caught. Min. 2 participants and max. 6


Calhau D’Areia- Rua Manuel Jacinto da Ponte. 9625-344 Maia
São Miguel