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Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture Interpretation Centre

The Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture Interpretation Centre (CIPCVIP) is a building of noble characteristics, located in one of the most peculiar cores of the Protected Landscape of the Vineyard Culture - Lajido de Santa Luzia, and is the starting point to understand this cultural heritage, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2004.

In this area, visitors can watch a short documentary about the Vineyard Culture Landscape and learn about the values that comprise it.

There is also available a guided visit to the vineyard and fig tree "plots", to the inside of a warehouse and a traditional distillery, still in operation, as well as a tour to the core of the Lajido to understand how the building is closely associated with the vineyard and fig tree culture. Along the tour, stands out the visit to the lava fields, locally called "lajidos", where you see, in this rocky floor, interesting small ledges made by the passage of lava flows, and where there are now several species of endemic flora.


Rua do Lajido Santa Luzia 9940 -108 São Roque do Pico