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House of São Jorge’s Park

The House of São Jorge’s Park was installed in the building of the old Norte Grande’s Primary School and aims to present the different facets of the Natural Park to the visitors.

It holds a permanent exhibition called “Treasuries of the Park”, comprising a map of the island with information on the different protected areas classified by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and several supports with information on the Natural Park, including topics such as geology, biodiversity and heritage.

In the main room, you may find a children's area equipped with didactic games regarding the Azores and the environmental awareness-raising.

You may also benefit from a multimedia area which offers information on the Ramsar Locations and the sounds of nature, as well as from a photographic exhibition of the São Jorge’s Protected Areas by Paulo Henrique Silva.

End your visit in the auditorium, watching several documentaries on the Fajãs of São Jorge.