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Fajã da Ribeira d’Areia

The Fajã da Ribeira d’Areia is located in the North of the São Jorge island, in the parish of Norte Grande, municipality of Velas. In 1891, 451 inhabitants resided in this fajã; however, this number has dropped.

The chapel built in 1946 was later added, in 1968, a tower in honour of N.Sra de Fátima, and this fajã also became known as the Fajã de Nossa Senhora de Fátima [Our Lady of Fátima]. 

The patron saint’s day is on 13 October and a mass followed by a procession is carried out.

Through this fajã, it is possible to observe several lava formations, such as strung lava, and, in the seaside area, a beautiful arch known as Arco da Fajã da Ribeira d’Areia, widely enjoyed by those who visit this location.


Fajã da Ribeira d’Areia Norte Grande Velas
São Jorge