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Church of N.Sra do Rosário

The construction of this church occurred when the large landowners started to explore and populate this location. The historical references appear later, on the 18th century they report the reconstruction of this church. The data available is scarce; nevertheless, it is possible that the current building has used the deployment location of the primitive church, as it is in a central position regarding its surroundings. The Church of N. Sra. do Rosário comprises three aisles, a bell tower and a main chapel, with an altarpiece in gilded wood, and restored in 2017, within the scope of the restoration and gilding works on the altars. Throughout the years, the temple has been repeatedly restored due to the seismic and volcanic crisis which affected São Jorge and its interior comprises several elements of religious statues, originating from other chapels of this locality. In 2018, the church replaced its windows with stained glass, and acquired new canvas.

On 15 August, the festivity in honour of the patron saint is carried out. Besides the religious manifestations, an extensive programme of sports and cultural activities, as well as the performance of artists from several areas, enliven the parish of Rosais and the island of São Jorge


Rosais Velas
São Jorge