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Chapel of N. Sra. de Lurdes

The chapel of the Fajã dos Cubres is dedicated to N. Sra. de Lurdes and was blessed on October 18, 1908. The construction was made thanks to mr. Faustino Nunes, who, besides its construction, offered the land and the image of N. Sra. de Lourdes. The annual festivity is celebrated on the second Sunday of September. The celebrations begin with the mass, procession, and gatherings of the many offerings brought by them, as a fulfilment of their promise, and the Holy Spirit soups, that are served to all that are present. As an extra, it is possible to observe the tide well, which fills and leaks according to the tides, and which is situated at the back of the hermitage, and whose water is considered as miraculous.


Fajã dos Cubres Ribeira Seca Calheta
São Jorge