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Central volcanic mountain range

The São Jorge island was formed by successive basaltic fissure volcanic episodes through a system of general fractures from West - Northwest - East - Southeast, creating the elongated and narrow shape of the island. Its central volcanic mountain range includes several volcanic-tectonic alignments with countless eruptive centres, mostly slag cones, lava spatter cones and eruptive fissures. Some of these cones have small ephemeral lagoons in its crater, while others display volcanic algares [pits], such as Algar do Morro Pelado (or Algar do Montoso), 140 meters deep, the deepest pit of the archipelago. Given their dimensions and characteristics, these volcanic cavities may only be explored by experienced speleologists who hold the appropriate materials. This is a prime geosite of the Azores Geopark, with regional relevance and interest and scientific, educational and geo-touristic interest, where it is possible to travel by foot, bicycle or car, enjoying beautiful panoramic views over the São Jorge island and the remaining islands of the Central Group.


São Jorge