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Boqueirão Environmental Interpretation Centre

The Boqueirão Environmental Interpretation Centre (CIAB) was created in the tanks where the whale oil, melted in the Boqueirão Whale Factory, was stored. It is a space dedicated to the promotion and knowledge of the most interesting locals of the island, with highlight to the marine environmental.

Here you can learn about resident and migratory birds, living beings that live in the intertidal zone and water column, cetaceans and hydrothermal vents. It is a privileged place for the promotion of scientific knowledge, enriching the experience of those who visit the Natural Park.

The CIAB was chosen to integrate the "Architecture Guide –South and Islands of Portugal" in 2011; it also integrated the “Mostra Ibérica de Património Arquitéctonico – La MIPA” project, within the Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2013 "Close, Closer"; and it was referenced / published in several websites and trade magazines.


Rua do Boqueirão, 2-A 9970-390 Santa Cruz das Flores