Centro Ambiental do Priolo

A unique Environmental Interpretation Centre, where you know more about the story of the Azores Bullfinch, a bird that fled from extinction. And where you can participate in tours focusing on raising awareness about the preservation of the Azores Bullfinch and its habitat, Laurel Forest, in Nordeste.


In The Centre you find a wide welcoming area where you can relax and enjoy a tea or coffee, get a guided tour to the permanent exhibition of the center and book a tour to know more about the Azores Bullfinch, its habitat and all the conservation work untaken to preserve (Tour Azores bullfinch, Tour Laurel Forest). You can also contribute to the continuation of these actions with your donation.



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Reserva Florestal de Recreio da Cancela do Cinzeiro, Pedreira, Nordeste
São Miguel