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Azores, Safe By Nature. #VisitAzores #Azores #SafeByNature

Azores: safe by nature. A place for new adventures, more freedom and a full life. Discover the best that Nature has to offer, safely. Subscribe our channel: More info on visiting Azores:

Azores, Certified by Nature

Nine islands, one journey, and thousands of experiences, where the days are never the same.

Azores - Feel Alive | Top Ten Places to Travel

Big Game Fishing - Azores

The Azorean sea is one of the favourite destinations of the fans of big-game fishing. Enormous blue and white marlins swim in this part of the Atlantic, as well as dolphin-fishes and Atlantic bluefin tunas, among other species of tuna. Between the islands of the triangle (Faial, Pico and São Jorge), the challenge is always on, even though any of the...

Visit Azores | Top Ten Places to Travel Azores, selected as one of the World Top 10 Trips for this Summer, by National Geographic Traveller. Azores Awards The Azores have received several nominations, distinctions and recognitions by multiple organizations, entities and publications, by its natural heritage, being distinguished as a Nature Destination of excellence.

Cozido das Furnas - Furnas Stew - S.Miguel Island, Azores

The hot springs on the north shores of Furnas Lake is where we cook the "cozido", a rich meat and vegetable stew boiled underground in a huge pot.

Flying with Vulcanos

Film by Alexandre Jesus promoting the Azores and the Paragliding Festival organized by the Clube Asas de São Miguel. Presented at the 38th edition of the Coupe Icare in St. Hilaire for the first time.

Azores Wave Week 2014