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Food and Drinks

As a land with wine tradition, the white and red wines that are produced in Pico are much appreciated on the whole of the Archipelago. Steadily, there has been an attempt to recover the past prestige of the verdelho wine production, improving the production and innovating the products “Basalto”, “Lajido” and “Terras de Lava” are designations of Pico wine that are related with a relationship between man and nature that really appreciates the island. The wine cooperative can be visited in Areia Larga. It stores the local wine production that is already made from new types of grapes. The fig and loquat spirits also have some fans, and old, copper distillers in working condition can still be found. Liqueurs such as Angelica and other fruit liqueurs are on offer for those with a sweet tooth.

The island has always been a big producer of fruit. Its figs, bright red in the inside, are famous. The honey that is produced from the flower of the Australian cheesewood and the São João soft paste cheese complete the island’s list of food delicacies. As for dishes, the highlight goes to octopus stewed in cheiro wine, sausage with taro root, boiled beef and fish broth. Finally, pastries are limited to those that are traditionally prepared for the Holy Christ Festival of and for Carnival.