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Whale watching is the extension of the whaling tradition of the island adapted to current times. The waters around Pico can be enjoyed by sailing or kayaking. A boat ride also offers views of the coastline, which is ideal for fishing from the rocks or diving. There are also some tidal, lava pools for swimming.

Anybody can climb the mountain, but it is a demanding climb, so it is most appropriate for those who are physically and mentally fitter, besides the need to wear special clothes and shoes. When climbing accompanied by a guide, one gathers more detailed information on the vegetation and on the history of the biggest volcano of the Azores. The out-and-return climb takes at least four hours. Some tourist guides propose a night stay at the summit to appreciate the sunset and the first rays of the morning sun.

With  the lava tunnel of the Gruta das Torres (towers cave)it is possible to experience the underground world of the island, taking as its starting point the well-equipped visitor center.. Speleology finds a fertile ground on the island of Pico due to dozens of volcanic  caves like those at Frei Matias Silveira,Montanheiros or at Henrique Maciel which can be explored in the company of a guide and by using proper equipment. The well-structured network of walking trails of the island and bicycle rides, horse and donkey rides also offer a calm ride to appreciate the landscape. Adrenalin goes up when riding a mountain bike, a quad-bike or a cross-kart  or doing climbing in some sections already prepared.