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Food and Drinks

Fresh fish captured in the generous sea of the Azores is traditionally served roasted or stewed. The garlic and the rockmelon of Graciosa attained a gourmet status and are  basic ingredients for various recipes.

However, if there is a typical product of this island, it is the pastry that adopted the namesake of the island: Queijadas da Graciosa (Graciosa Custards) inspired by the centuries-old recipe of milk tumblers. The vast and tasty local pastry also includes other delicacies which go by the name of cavacas, escomilhas, capuchas, pastéis de arroz [rice cakes] or encharcadas de ovos [egg-based custard].


The wine of Graciosa, made from the original verdelho grapes, survived the spread of phylloxera. Now, given that there are other types of grapes, the locally produced white wines complement the regional cuisine. Spirits and aperitif wines also complement the range of local beverages.