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  • Termas do Carapacho - Things to do in Graciosa Island
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Graciosa is rated as an exceptional location for the practice of diving and fishing, and it is also suitable for kayaking and sailing along its shores. The bays of Santa Cruz and Praia are also suitable for rowing, sailing and windsurf. The localities of Caparacho, Praia, Barro Vermelho and Calheta invite you to swim and sunbathe.

The water in the Carapacho Spa reaches a temperature of around 40° C and invites you to take a relaxing and therapeutic bath, since the water’s renowned properties are an asset for your well-being. A modern thermal spa, it features all the conditions for welcoming visitors and offers a wide variety of techniques and services in a cosy and idyllic natural atmosphere, overlooking the ocean and the Baixo Islet. In the nearby sea, in the recently refurbished natural pools of Carapacho, visitors can enjoy a swim in the sea water heated by thermal water, enjoying a relaxed and exotic natural thalassotherapy.

If you're looking for things to do in the trails, the highlight goes to the road around the Caldeira, which may also be experienced by bicycle, mountain bike, on horseback or by car. Whichever means of transport one uses, there is always the guarantee of panoramic views over rocky cliffs and white houses amongst green pastures.

The unavoidable descent into the Furna do Enxofre cave may be complemented, in the company of a guide, by visits to other volcanic caves on the island: discovering the underground secrets of the caves Furna d’Água, Furna do Abel, and Furna da Maria Encantada could be an unforgettable experience.