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The magnificence and diversity of the coastline of Flores justify a long boat ride. The Arco de Santa Cruz das Flores and the Maria Vaz Islet can only be reached from the sea, as well as the entrance to the Gruta dos Enxaréus, a 50 meters long volcanic cave. It is easy to cross the ocean that links this island to the island of Corvo. There are various companies that promote this trip to discover the small island seen on the horizon from the northeast coast of Flores. The natural tidal pools of Santa Cruz and the beaches near Lajes das Flores are good for swim, along with the pebbled beach of Fajã Grande. Swimming is also possible in the ponds formed by the waterfalls at Poço do Bacalhau and Ribeira Grande.

Diving and whale watching are also available in Flores, which offers very good conditions. Fishing can be done from the top of a rock, in the sea or in the streams filled with trout. On land, holding a proper licence, wild chickens and rabbits can be hunted. The island is one of the best places of the Azores for watching birds such as the goldcrest and the blackcap, and is a true sanctuary for native and migratory species, especially from the American continent.

As there are many streams and waterfalls on the island, canyoning is becoming very popular. There are at least a dozen sites to do this sport, and courses are also available for beginners who have never tried this sport but wish to experience an adrenaline rush whilst contacting with nature.