The archipelago


The expression “nature all around you” could well be used to describe the Azores Region. The archipelago offers unmatched conditions for nature tourism by virtue of its unique natural heritage, which influenced the built and cultural heritage that is full of singular features. This heritage has been preserved and classified, and includes marine biodiversity, flora and fauna, volcanic caves and geolandscapes, nature parks and botanical gardens, as well as natural resources exclusive to each island. All of this bio and geodiversity, together with the islands' traditional towns and villages, present unparalleled opportunities for nature tourism.

Examples of the quality and richness waiting to be explored include themed tourist routes (such as those based on wine, volcanoes and spas), numerous trails carved along breathtaking natural landscapes, diving, and fantastic golf courses with views over the sea and mountain. The ideal place to enjoy unmatched experiences in a natural setting, the Azores also play host to other activities not to be missed, such as geocaching, whale watching, birdwatching, scuba diving, hiking and canyoning.