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The only settlement of the island, Vila do Corvo, has intertwined narrow streets for a better protection against the strong wind that is common on the island. The streets, paved with black cobblestones, are flanked by houses painted in white, but there are still some houses with walls made of black basaltic rocks, that is one of the things you can see. The square Largo do Outeiro is the centre of the town. Locals and visitors alike get together on the black stoned benches to share stories of current affairs or about the past. The façade of the church, dedicated toNossa Senhora dos Milagres, faces the ocean. It was built in 1674 and rebuilt during the 18th century. Inside, there is a Flemish statue of the patron saint of the island.

By the Alto dos Moinhos, next to Ponta Negra, small windmills adorn the seaside. Of a solid standing, they add white dots to the deep blue horizon, with the profile of the island of Flores coming to view further away. A mechanical device rotates the wooden cupola so that the sails follow the direction of the wind. They are the reminders of just how important the production of corn and wheat was on this island.


The Corvo Environmental and Cultural Interpretation Centre, recently built taking advantage of some of the town’s typical houses, is a must visit place. At this modern facility, in addition to a pleasant and relaxed conversation, you can appreciate and learn more about the island and its particularities and about the local population and its experiences.


The wood door locks, which are still hand made by the artisans of the island of Corvo, are the symbol of the tranquil, peaceful life style of this island, wherein all know one another. Besides being useful, the wood locks are the craftsmanship that most sets Corvo apart. The woman do crocheting, embroidering and objects made from shells.