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Food and Drinks

The local cuisine is mainly based on the freshness of the products fished in the sea or picked from the land, with fish and seafood standing out.

Corn bread is locally baked and is served with typical dishes such as the tart erva do calhau (rock grass). The grass is a type of seaweed picked from the sea rocks and the salt water is squeezed off. After it has been cut, it is added to eggs that have been beaten and flour to mould the small tarts, which are then fried in lard.

In the so-called couve de barça recipe, also known as kale and fresh pork meat, the meat is salted the day before it is cooked with thinly cut cabbage, potatoes, onions and garlic, and is served with sweet potatoes and corn bread.

The handmade cheese of Corvo, which cures for at least 60 days, is very much appreciated. It features a semi-hard paste and is yellow in colour, with a persistent and slightly hot taste.