Corvo Cultural and Environmental Interpretation Centre

The Corvo Cultural and Environmental Interpretation Centre (CIACC) is the first mandatory stop for those who want to know and feel the island and discover its best kept secrets.

It is a space dedicated to the promotion and knowledge of the sites with more environmental interest of the island, and gives particular emphasis on the indigenous fauna and flora of Corvo Island, allowing you to learn about resident and migratory birds, as well as endemic terrestrial flora.

It is a privileged place for the promotion of scientific knowledge, enriching the experience of those who visit the Natural Park.

In its exhibition space visitors can see and understand the process of formation and geomorphological evolution of the island and its relation to areas of high interest in terms of the existing natural heritage.

The visitors also have the opportunity to "travel" to the past in order to understand the influence of human interaction with the environment, with emphasis on the customs and ways of using the natural resources, developed over the centuries in the protected areas.

It also provides information to support the visit and discovery of the Natural Park. This "trip" can be made freely and independently, or with a guide that, in detail, will provide all the information about the island.

Canada do Graciosa s/n
9980-031 Vila do Corvo
+351 292 596 051